The Talks

On this page you will find video and podcast interviews I have done with other professionals in the fields related to human sexuality. I call it “The Talks” because talking about sex and sexuality issues is not just a one time talk a parent has with their kids it is ongoing talks we have with each other throughout our lives.

Here I will be covering a variety of different topics. Some of which you may not necessarily agree with or have very strong feeling about. As with anything in life, the old adage of “take what you need and leave the rest” applies here. Over time content will be updated as new information come available.

The content on this page is classified as Not Safe For Work (NSFW). This page may contain language and images of a mature nature.


  1.  Consent. Here is a link to a podcast I did with a very good friend of mine, Jenn Wodtke, for her site In it we discuss an incident from our past that I am not very proud of but is very relevant to the topic of consent which I now take very seriously.