Dr. Dave is an incredible individual who brings his own unique brand of expertise of knowledge and experience to give you the quality information you need to make the right choices for your life. Dr. Dave has his Doctorate of Education in Human Sexuality. He has over 11 years of experience in Testing and Evaluation and is a retired Naval Officer.

Mission Statement 

To provide people with the facts they need on relationship enhancing related products and services.


This website covers a the wide area of human sexuality related topics. The information presented here is being is presented in an objective medically accurate manner based upon my knowledge and experience as of the time the website was last updated. New advancements and research is being produced all the time. It is impossible to keep up with all the new advancements but I will try to update the content as fast as I can.

I believe talking about sex and sexual issues is not a one time discussion commonly known as “The Talk” but instead is an ongoing discussion throughout a person’s life obviously using age appropriate information. I will try to breakup the information into age appropriate grouping that you can share with your children. Some content may be considered objectionable and is only suitable for adults with a paid subscription. Some of the topics covered in this site you might personally agree with. “I believe in the principle of take what you need and leave the rest” with the additional qualifier of “for now” as human sexuality is fluid and on a spectrum. Your personal thoughts and beliefs will change over time with knowledge and experience.